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Queensland Entertainment have introduced UltraSound Extra and UltraSound AV


UltraSound Extra - Confined Space Sound Control

This is a service where an audio extension that is specifically designed to use the right system for the right space and application is supplied.

With a variety of restrictions in sound volume and placement within certain areas, the ability to control volume without loosing quality has become an art in itself. 
By creating UltraSound Extra, Queensland Entertainment has taken the initiative to be the only entertainment provider to invest in equipment to regain high quality reproduction of sound in any type of controlled environment to keep everyone comfortable and within their obligations.

By implicating a system that is designed and capable to deliver and at the same time unintrusive and with minimal components and cords, clients, vendors and performers can work efficiently and keep the investment of entertainment enjoyable and productive.

Queensland Entertainment provided all of QIC Shopping Centres with system applications through UltraSound Extra.


  •     Consultation on PA system to suit your application from confined areas to large outdoor applications
  •     Compact high quality systems with minimal cabling for safety, minimal footprint and clean aesthetics.
  •     High quality sound production setup for speeches, background music and live entertainment
  •     Multiple system set ups
  •     Long term discounted hire rates
  •     Australian standard safety guidlines are adheared to



  •     HK Audio Systems
  •     Bose Systems
  •     JBL Systems
  •     Electrovoice Systems
  •     Wireless mic systems
  •     Remote wireless speaker additional systems 



UltraSound AV - Audio and Visual Solutions

An audio visual service, which includes an audio and lighting engineer and a multitude of options in sound systems, lighting, trussing, plasma screens and mobile staging.

This inclusion or stand alone service was introduced due to the amount of corporate, promotional and wedding clients that wanted visual, lighting or multiple audio adaptions to their event.

So instead of hiring a separate AV company with another PA system, and then trying to get them to work in with your hired entertainments system or any other visual and audio need, it makes sense to use the same company for all applications.


  •     Personal sound and lighting engineer supplied
  •     Set up and sound check at least 1 hour prior to performance time
  •     High quality sound production setup for speeches, background music and live entertainment
  •     Custom PA to suit your event - small room to large outdoor area
  •     Multiple system set ups
  •     Seamless transitions between event stages
  •     Professional ambience lighting control
  •     Australian standard safety guidlines are adheared to



  •     HK Audio, Bose and JBL sound systems
  •     Wireless mic systems
  •     Projectors - Conference and Large area 
  •     Professional ambience lighting control
  •     Lasers, moving LEDs, strobes, atmospheric effects and fog machines
  •     Aluminium tri-trussing - Australian Safety Standard
  •     Plasma screens
  •     Remote wireless speaker systems 
  •     Mobile staging



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